Lower Latency, Enhanced Network Performance

The Business Challenge

JAMF Software is the world leader in Mac OS X and iOS management. They help commercial, education, and government organizations succeed with the Apple platform. JAMF was facing issues with MPLS connectivity as high latency had caused poor performance of the applications. Network performance and uptime directly affected business productivity, hence it was important for them to find a reliable alternative that could solve their problems quickly.

Benefits Attained

Upon experiencing for themselves the speed and reliability of Pacific Global SD-WAN during the POC, JAMF software came onboard as one of our Global SD-WAN users. The Pacific Global SD-WAN solution saw JAMF experiencing a 50% reduction in TCP Connection set up time, 100% availability, highly consistent performance globally and World-class support 24×7.

With Pacific Internet’s team of experienced engineers managing and supporting the network, customers can rest-be assured that their network is in good hands.

Our Cloud Pillars

Build your private, hybrid and multi cloud strategies with us.


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