Asia’s Leading Internet Service Provider and Disruptor

Pacific Internet is one of Asia's iconic ICT brands founded in 1991. As the first ISP in Singapore and first Singaporean company to list on NASDAQ, Pacific Internet is now part of ACCLIVIS group and a member of Citic Telecom International Holdings.

Today, our suite of solutions has expanded to include internet services, integrated network, carrier agnostic solutions and other complementary services. By further drawing on our history, track record and our parent company ACCLIVIS’ strengths in Cloud, Technology and Managed Services, we have the ability to power Asia’s next generation Cloud and disruptive technologies to transform the ICT landscape.

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As a member of CITIC Telecom International Holdings, Pacific Internet is able to enhance its capabilities and reputation, thus propelling itself into the global arena. With a strong regional presence, managed Internet services and heterogeneous cloud technology powered by Acclivis, customers now have a comprehensive ICT provider to confidently embark on their digital transformation.


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