How Cloud Computing Can Help Pokemon Go And Your Business

As Pokemon Go takes the world by storm, developers have found a new problem on their hands:server crashes. With Pokemon Go becoming a global phenomenon, the influx of users worldwidehas caused disruptive game experiences, with the load on servers far exceeding what existing infrastructure can support. In a generation of young people with short attention spans, many news outlets and experts have weighed in on how this could be the doom of Pokemon Go.

What Causes These Server Crashes?
The cause in question for Pokemon Go could well be overload – when too many people use the app at one time, the number of requests made to the server surge, and the existing infrastructure was likely not made to support such a spike in traffic. This causes service disruptions to the game, and makes for bad user experience. In everyday business, such server crashes are not uncommon either. Although unresponsive servers can be caused by a multitude of issues, a large majority of such instances are caused by overload and the system’s inability to handle the extra load. Disruptions to core business software like customer relationship management (CRM) or human resource information systems (HRIS) could implicate business processes that rely on these softwares for day-to-day functioning.

How Can Cloud Help?
Cloud solutions are highly customizable and powerful tools for businesses in a world where speed is king. Agility and ability to scale on demand are solutions to a common business frustration: having your IT infrastructure lag behind your business’ progression. Commercial cloud solutions can be the fix. Such cloud computing solutions are adept at handling fluctuating workloads. The cloud solution can be configured to scale up or down according to demand, spreading server load across as many virtual machines (VMs) are needed. With the ability to scale quickly and take on more workload, businesses can minimize risk of interruption to their core processes, and the ability to scale down just as quickly ensures that you don’t spend on unused resources. In comparison to having servers inhouse, in which the business will have to purchase additional hardware and integrate them with the rest of their systems in a process that can take anywhere from hours to several days, the on-demand nature of cloud solutions makes them ideal for maximum agility.

As many cloud solution providers move from CAPEX (on-premise servers) to OPEX (cloud solutions), there are now ways to ensure that you get the computing power your business needs in a cost-efficient manner. Easy on cash flow and strictly pay-for-what-you-use, the new OPEX model gives you business performance without strain on the budget.

Try Out the Cloud
Moving to the cloud can be an intimidating task and daunting prospect. Acclivis (Pacific Internet’s parent company) is now offering a one-month free proof of concept promotion for you to experiencehow cloud can empower your business processes- simplycontact customer conciergewhenever you’re ready!

Whether you’re a business or a worldwide gaming phenomenon, cloud solutions can be the catalyst to better performance and great user experience. With a large range of vendors offering a variety of customizable solutions at competitive pricing, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Harness the power of cloud computing for your business today!


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