• SIP Trunk 90 concurrent and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Application in softphone
Company Name

Efirst Asia (Thailand) Co, Ltd.


Efirst Asia is an e-commerce/direct sales retailer operating throughout South-East Asia. The company’s specialty is creating beauty-related and pharmaceutical brands and managing them on all levels of operations. The company takes care of all the business needs: from the legal establishment, through product sourcing, online advertising, customer service, and tele-sales, shipment, payment collection. Most importantly, The company knows how to sell online and offline. Whether customers need just our help in one area or want to take advantage of all services to get customers exactly what they need.


What were the pain points you experienced?

For Efirst, the customer service contact center is twofold. First, the company assists the customer by answering any questions they may have in the purchasing journey. Second, the company provided ongoing support as a part of after-sales service. So one of the success is dependent on the ability to provide outbound call center service to cover the entire selling and delivering process. But The company had previously experienced issues with SIP Trunk service being an inadequate managed internet service. Every minute that lost connection could result in unnecessary costs and that could suffer greater damage. In order to prepare business expansion and increase the potential for the development of service models. The company has the direction to improve the IT infrastructure, including the SIP Trunk which is the telephone system over the IP Network to meet the standardize and increase stability. The old system may not be able to meet the company’s expansion timely, and Damage caused may affect the revenue of the company or it may be more.


How does our product help your team or company achieve its objectives?

Pacific Internet (Thailand) proposed SIP Trunk which is telecommunication service to meet their daily communications needs. This could improve communication data and reduce cost.

Pacific Internet (Thailand) provided SIP Trunk 90 concurrent and Quality of Service (QoS) which connects IP-PBX (Phone system) and enables to make a call over IP network, including call recording service. This has benefited Efirst to increase efficiency and improve service levels.

SIP Trunk service is more flexible, allowing the company to upscale their business growth in the future. Meanwhile, we provide a backup route. When the main route is down, the backup will be active immediately


How has our product impacted your success?

Efirst can upgrade the infrastructure and move over to a scalable SIP Trunk model. They replaced the existing with SIP Trunk service provided by Pacific Internet (Thailand)

Efirst can save estimated cost up to 25% for telecommunication spending to all network, including automatic call recording service. This could help the company to improve call efficiency with a more professional approach.

To ensure business stability and continuity, Pacific Internet (Thailand) provides backup route network with Quality-of-Service guarantees. The backup network will be active immediately when the main network is down.

Working through COVID-19 situation and ensure tele-sales can work remotely. We deployed softphone application on personal mobile for each tele-sales person to allow them can access SIP Trunk service without any charge while they are working from home and make an outbound call.

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