Dedicated Cloud

With our dedicated private cloud, you get the
highest level of security and privacy.

Privacy, Control and Flexibility

With our dedicated private cloud, you get the highest level of security and privacy. Hosted in a Singapore Tier III Centre in a heterogeneous environment, you can be assured of quality safety and maintenance. You get more control with a distinct pool of resources that have dedicated leased lines – all these, coupled with an OpEx pay-as-you-use model reduces upfront costs! With improved reliability owing to a virtualized operating environment and cloud bursting, a dedicated private cloud will meet all your needs for a high-security, high-privacy solution.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Cloud provides a Cloud environment that is wholly committed to customers. The resources allow flexible customization to suit the requirement of the organization.

High privacy and Security

High Privacy and Security

This solution provides the highest security where the management is exclusive to the customer.



Flexible and multi-choice of access to the Cloud where the customer could choose the type of access and provider whether it is connecting to the internet or for private use.

Cost and energy efficiency

Cost and Energy Efficiency

Efficient use of computing resources, without compromising to the ability to respond quickly to computing needs on-demand. The OPEX model provides effective cost management compared to the self-managed and own model.


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