Clean Pipe Anti-DDoS

Customized multi-layer detection and DDoS protection
against ever-changing DDoS techniques

Make threat prevention a part of your business continuity plans

As one of the top threats to network security, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are commonly used to cause damage to a network or a site. They do not attack only public-facing web servers but also IPv4/IPv6 addresses that route to the network. Such attacks can cause effects that range from service downtime, bandwidth costs to reputation loss.

Pacific Internet Clean Pipe solution is designed to protect your networks and applications against DDoS attacks.

Incoming traffic packets are analyzed for signs of suspicious activity or incoming DDoS attacks using sophisticated predictive mechanisms and automatic detection. Attacks are blocked while still allowing clean traffic to flow through to the server.

24/7 Automated protection for your network,
web service and application

  • Scalable protection for various business needs
  • Cost-effective threat prevention against cyber attacks
  • Simplified management platform suitable for in-house IT

Make threat prevention a part of your business continuity plans.

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