Pacific Internet Unified Conferencing

Pacific Internet Unified Conferencing integrates voice, web and desktop video conferencing into one intuitive interface, allowing you to meet with individuals and teams from anywhere in the world.


Instantly see participants online, and manage your meetings with intuitive point and click commands.


Accomplish more in your workday by communicating and collaborating using the industry’s most compelling voice and web conferencing experience available.

Standard Plus

Pacific Internet Standard+ provides reliable connectivity for small enterprises through a premium dedicated internet backbone. Static IP addresses allow for users to experience faster upload and download speeds which is ideal for services such as mail, FTP and VPN servers.


Pacific Internet Enterprise supports BGP routing which increases the stability of the network and enable it to better support the end-to-end quality-of-service. The inclusion of network monitoring and management in the package allows the IT department to better focus on core business functions.


Pacific Internet Premium is the premier tier of ISP package which is all-inclusive and features an SLA of 99.99% uptime. With network monitoring and management fully taken care of, Pacific Internet Premium the ultimate ISP backbone to drive business success.


Pacific Internet Business is the choice of ISP for businesses looking to expand into Greater China. It features all that Standard+ offers plus the choice to include low latency direct connectivity to China as part of the package ensuring high quality direct connectivity from Singapore to China and back.



Best in-class video performance and reliability with scalable video codec and HD support. Supports up to 8 concurrent video broadcasters with interoperability capabilities allowing conference calls made from different endpoints


Connect anywhere, anytime with the same level of quality. With SmartMeet app, you will never miss another conference.


Seamlessly collaborate using desktop features or video with automatic voice integration. Full control on voice conferencing is just clicks away.


• Reduce travel costs without sacrificing business agility
• Improve employee productivity by easily joining a meeting through web browser
• Reduce phone bill expenses through VOIP feature
• Improve meeting security with meeting lock feature & waiting room support
• Meeting hosts have the flexibility to evolve their meetings on-the-fly and access content sharing and video feature on demand

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