Poor Performance out in China Resulted in Hefty MPLS Investments

The Business Challenge

Global enterprise customers using the BlueJeans videoconferencing solution complained that it was unusable for their sites in China. To address the issue, BlueJeans customers would end up buying expensive MPLS lines or upgrading their bandwidth subscriptions over their existing MPLS network and re-routing their BlueJeans traffic over them which resulted in hefty investments which added up significantly overtime.

Benefits Attained

With Pacific Global SD-WAN’s coverage in China, BlueJeans’ users experienced significantly improved video-conferencing performance in China with a reduction of 0-1% packet loss over the network. Quick deployment in days allowed BlueJeans to experience enhanced network performance quickly. With real-time network and application visibility coupled with 24×7 CCIE-level customer support, BlueJeans is now able to focus on providing quality videoconferencing solutions for their customers.

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