05 Jul

As Pokemon Go takes the world by storm, developers have found a new problem on their hands:server crashes. With Pokemon Go becoming a global phenomenon, the influx of users worldwidehas caused disruptive game experiences, with the load on servers far exceeding what existing infrastructure can support. In a generation of young people with short attention spans, many news outlets and experts have weighed in on how this could be the doom of Pokemon Go..

05 Jul

In the future to come, well beyond its 51th birthday this year, Singapore is looking beyond just tall apartment towers. Over the past decade, the nation had been steadily marching towards the idea of a country where digital technology stretches the capabilities of businesses, homes, industries, and public services yet one step further. For this, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is looking at the cloud – at a new SmartNation…

05 Jul

To keep up with the times, the art of reading books has had to evolve from the physical to the virtual – and that includes the accounting books.Before the as-a-service (-aaS) era, startups could not talk about expanding out without considering the CAPEX, which stands for capital expenditure. Some bootstrap startups also refer to it as “How on earth do you expect me to find that kind of cash lying around?”…


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