05 Jul

So they say Cloud brings about economies of scale – and most of us probably won’t know what that is, because we’ve never had to know. But as cloud solutions become increasingly mainstream, it’s no longer an option to miss out on this powerful computing tool. Economies of scale is a decrease in costs in proportion to increased productivity. Or, in simpler terms, spend less and get more. To attain economies of scale, resources should be maximized. The demands that resources that IT infrastructure place on the business can amount to quite a fair bit – here’s how you can mitigate that by moving to cloud computing…

05 Jul

In an earlier article, we talked about what latency is and how it should affect your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Today, we’ll be going more into detail about what you should be looking out for when it comes to pinpointing the culprit behind unsatisfactory, slow internet connectivity.

05 Jul

As Pokemon Go takes the world by storm, developers have found a new problem on their hands:server crashes. With Pokemon Go becoming a global phenomenon, the influx of users worldwidehas caused disruptive game experiences, with the load on servers far exceeding what existing infrastructure can support. In a generation of young people with short attention spans, many news outlets and experts have weighed in on how this could be the doom of Pokemon Go..


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