Focus more of key business functions with unified management
and maintenance services that ensure resiliency in an ‘always-on’ World

Pacific Managed Network Services

Dedicated Team Managing your Network 24/7

Managed Router Services

Business grade Internet connections must be paired with latest access technology hardware. PI Managed Router delivers seamless connectivity with high standards of security and reliability

Managed Wireless LAN

Enhance staff mobility with wireless solutions. Allow employees and guests to securely login to an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi

Pacific Shield Services

Pacific Internet networks are enhanced by top-notch security Firewall and Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam services that maintain the resilience….

Clean Pipe (Anti-DDoS)

Ensures DDoS is detected, and customer is protected against Volumetric Attack.

Email Protection

Cloud-based Email Security by keeping Email safe by protecting against Ransomware, Spam, Virus, and Malware.

Secure Access

Protects Users against viruses, threats, exploitation, and bad websites when they access the internet.

Managed Firewall 

Protects customers’ networks from malicious threats. Supported by experienced IT personnel 24/7, 365 days.

Integrates all the network security services into a convenient and affordable solution covering technical support and crucial firmware updates.

Endpoint Security 

Protects desktops against malware, virus and ransomware.

Pacific SD-WAN Services

The WAN is the fundamental connectivity to ensure seamless communication between HQ and branch offices. A high reliable and high performance….

Managed Link Balancer

Achieve 100% Network Uptime

Link balancer aggregates multiple network connections with diversified routes and auto-failover

Managed SD-WAN

Pacific SD-WAN is the only MPLS alternative with built-in WAN optimization and SD-WAN. It is a robust solution designed to prevent packet loss, congestion and latency which can hamper cloud performance – which directly impacts overall productivity of the workforce: a common pain experienced by users of the pubic internet. Legacy networks like MPLS were designed for environments where the majority of traffic was from client applications, and SaaS was the exception.

Pacific Hosting Services

A Brand creation of a company starts from here, the email domain or web site will be branded under its name which helps brand recognition.

Pacific Internet provides the full suite of hosting service ranging:

Web hosting

A service that host the website allowing the internet world to know about the services and company of the website.

Email hosting

Email is an essential service that corporate to exchange of information quickly via an Email Client.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate ensures the website protects the user accessing it knowing it is legitimate and information between users and website are secured.

DNS hosting

A Domain Name System resolution services pointing to the services for the internet world to reach it.

DNS registration

A Domain Name System registration is the service which allows the owner of a domain name with the company name.

SGNIC Accredited Registrar

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