Commercial Cloud

With flexibility, power and transparency, Commercial
Cloud will drive business agility and performance with
resource-efficient, highly-customizable solutions.

Drive business agility and performance with resource-efficient, highly-customisable solutions 

For flexibility in your cloud solutions, commercial cloud gives you multiple customisable options – for example, local or SAN storage, charged by month or year. All while being completely integrated with your system. Tap into the massive power of cloud computing with customisable configuration for your servers, computing cores, RAM and storage. It’s all in your hands. Transparency is key for every business – view and track your virtual servers exact location, storage scheme and cost of operations. Make the Cloud yours today.

The Cloud that Scales with Your Business

  • Manage IT in Tandem with Business Demands

Eliminate the hefty sums and lengthy processes involved with the upgrading or modification of existing hardware systems. Add, remove or move components as necessary to match business demands and the dedicated support team will get it done.

  • Enjoy Cost Savings by Paying for What’s Needed

Data subscription systems are charged according to business’ data usage. Additionally, going to cloud also means saving on maintenance costs and throwing away the stress and worry involved in maintaining a server.

  • Know Exactly where Data Resides

With data centers located throughout South East Asia, rest assured knowing where data is securely stored.

  • Have Complete Control over IT Infrastructure

Through the Service Management Portal, customers are able to gain a comprehensive overview on the IT infrastructure and make necessary adjustments to the virtual machines. The commercial cloud presents businesses with endless possibilities to customise and build a unique solution for accelerated growth.

  • Highly Secure Data Storage Facilities

ACCLIVIS has achieved the ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management for complying with stringent IT standards in addition to the Multi-‐Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) certification to provide enterprise-level security.

  • End-to-end Cloud Service Offerings with MPLS Connections

With one of the most comprehensive, reliable, secure and scalable cloud portfolios in Asia, ACCLIVIS Value-added Cloud Services allows companies to preserve existing investments while enabling efficiency, agility and freedom of choice. With data centres and subsea cable networks already in place, ACCLIVIS’ holistic cloud solutions allow for low-cost, high-speed dedicated connections and expansion into key commercial hubs across Asia – a true ACCLIVIS advantage today!

Commercial Cloud Calculator

Use the calculator to plan your Commercial
Cloud resources


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