05 Jul

When it comes to choosing internet service providers, the array of similar plans at competitive prices makes the decision a challenging one. What are the key differentiators between ISPs and business internet plans? What does your business really need?

IP addresses are a basic component of Internet services that many often overlook in selecting an Internet service configuration, yet the difference between the two in terms of stability and security means that workflows and requirements ought to be scrutinized before coming to an informed decision on the choice of IP address that best suits business needs…

In the future to come, well beyond its 51th birthday this year, Singapore is looking beyond just tall apartment towers. Over the past decade, the nation had been steadily marching towards the idea of a country where digital technology stretches the capabilities of businesses, homes, industries, and public services yet one step further. For this, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is looking at the cloud – at a new SmartNation…


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