Public Cloud

With flexibility, power and transparency, Public
Cloud will drive business agility and performance with
resource-efficient, highly-customizable solutions.

Pay-as-you-use Model

Without committing to the resources, pay-as-you-use allowing flexibility in public cloud solutions. It provides multiple customizable options – from vCPU, vRAM to SAN storage. Tap into the massive power of cloud computing with customizable configuration for your virtual environment. It’s all in your hands. Transparency is key for every business – view and tracks your virtual servers exact location, storage scheme, and cost of operations. Using the Enterprise Hypervisor, ensure the best security, performance, and stability, it ensures easy migration for Enterprise’s own existing Cloud. It also offers seamless integration of the dual Cloud model of Customer’s Cloud and Pacific Internet’s Cloud using VMWare. Thus, make our Cloud yours today.


Leveraging on VMware’s Technology, it allows you to take advantage of leading public cloud technologies that provide multi-level security and multi-tenant architecture to support your transformation strategy.



The customer has the option to connect it for public access or organization private use. As a carrier-neutral provider, the choice of Access Technology and Providers can be tailor catered based on the needs of customers.

Cost Effectivness

Cost Effectiveness

Pay only for the resources you need to ensure the maximum use of your budget for resources.

Migrartion and scale

Migration and Scale

Leverage on VMware, Organization having own VMware Cloud could have a worry-free migration. You can scale your needs based on your growth. No more worry about CAPEX and under usage. You only pay and use for what you need.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time

Fast turnaround where Virtual Resources can be turned on as and when you needed them.



You can scale the backup storage according to your backup policies and ever increasing virtual resources.



Ease of management of the Cloud resources and backup. Restoration is made easy allowing fast recovery of data.


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