SOHO Internet

For the majority of those looking to upgrade to broadband Internet for the business, it's all about the extra speed. As a business Internet Service Provider (ISP), Pacific Internet provides an effective and comprehensive suite of fast internet access, delivered on reliable robust network infrastructure, for SME or Small Office Home Office (SOHO).
Dedicated Account Manager
Symmetrical upload and download speed
Up to 100 Mbps
Supports up to 20 users
Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) Technology
24x7 Technical NOC support

Faster allocation of IP address and network configuration administered by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). All your computers get IP address, DNS, DHCP gateway automatically. The addition of new computers to the dynamic network are much easier to allocate, distribute and manage. In large LAN network, dynamic IP administration saves time as there is no need to configure networks of computers manually. Dynamic IP also helps you to log in as an anonymous user.

For companies looking to host a web server, state IP is required. Pacific Internet offers a range of internet connectivity with state IP that is customizable according to your business needs.



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