Pacific Shield

Dedicated team protecting your network, 24/7, 365

Focus on key business functions that matter knowing that your network is taken care of

Pacific Internet networks are enhanced by top-notch security Firewall and Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam services that maintain the resilience of a company’s network security and prevent any cyber-attacks or the leakage of important data caused by vulnerability within the network

Managed Firewall Services

Experienced IT personnel manages network security 24/7, 365, ensuring customer’s network from malicious threats

Integrates all the network security services into a convenient and affordable solution covering technical support and crucial firmware updates

  • On-site replacement of faulty equipment
  • Comprehensive gateway security suite
  • Real time monitoring and reporting with the global management system

Anti-DDoS Services

PI Clean Pipe ensures DDoS is detected and customer is protected against volumetric attack

  • Consultation with customer to update application profiles and parameters for accurate detection against attack
  • Sophisticated predictive mechanism
  • Automatic detection and scrubbing allowing faster response and action against attacks

Endpoint Security Solutions

Protecting desktop against malware, virus and ransomware.

  • Virus and Malware Protection
  • Reputation Download
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Pre-execution Behaviour Analysis
  • Runtime Behaviour Analysis
  • Potential Unwanted Application Blocking
Disaster Recovery as a Service
Leverage the Cloud to Build Business Resiliency
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