Cloud Services

Pacific Internet Cloud Computing services combine virtualization, service-orientated architecture and utility computing to drive business growth. By implementing Cloud Computing services, small and medium-sized businesses can instantly obtain the benefits of enormous infrastructure without having to implement and administer it directly.

Pacific Internet hosting services can optimize your transition from in-house or leased systems to a fully managed IT environment.

Colocation Datacenter

Pacific Internet provides round-the-clock data centre solutions where our customers choose the environment they need - servers, databases, storage, internet connection, bandwidth and rack space.

Pacific Internet Colocation / DC hosting can benefit from our uptime institute certified Tier III data centers with stringent ISO Security standards in an intelligently managed IT environment run by experienced IT Professionals.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Deliver new products and services more quickly. Get closer to your customers and suppliers. Make your increasingly mobile workers more productive. The pressure on your business to innovate has never been greater. But is your existing IT infrastructure capable of advancing your business goals?

At Pacific Internet, we offer storage backup, replication, recovery and disaster recovery to meet your IT cloud computing requirements.


With local data centers through-out SEA, we ensure low latency network of your cloud infrastructure, bringing your application closer to you and improving your online experience altogether. Acclivis Commercial Cloud is designed for customers who has less than 20 Virtual Machines (VMs) and prioritises speed to market.With flexibility, power and transparency, Commercial Cloud will drive business agility and performance with resource-efficient, highly-customizable solutions.


With over decades of experience and expertise in the IT industry, we are the market leader in Asia providing unparalleled networks and datacenter solutions across all industries. Our team of engineers has tackled complex hosting solutions to bring to you leading performance and reliability of our secured network.

Choose a package now to suit your needs and leverage on the performance of a network that spans across Asia.Contact usto learn how our expertise could help make a difference in your cloud infrastructure.

What we can provide you


Multi-tenant. Local or SAN storage, By the month or the year. Completely integrated.


Customize your cloud server's configuration of computing cores, RAM, and storage.


View and track your virtual server's exact location, storage schema, and cost of operations.

For flexibility in your cloud solutions, commercial cloud gives you multiple customizable options - for example, local or SAN storage, charged by month or year. All while being completely integrated with your system. Tap into the massive power of cloud computing with customizable configuration for your servers, computing cores, RAM and storage. It's all in your hands. Transparency is key for every business - view and track your virtual servers exact location, storage scheme and cost of operations. Make the Cloud yours today.

Acclivis Commercial Cloud Benefits

Converting CAPEX to OPEX with Acclivis Commercial Cloud

Do more with less

Convert CAPEX to OPEX.

Manage IT in Tandem with business demands


Manage your IT in tandem with business demands.

Account Management Support

Account Management Support

Have an Account manager (AM) attend to your IT requirements for complete peace of mind - clear accountability. 

Transparency compliance


Know exactly where your VMs and data are residing for assurance as well as compliance.

Seamless move to Acclivis commercial cloud

Seamless move to the Cloud

We handle migration from on-premise to the Cloud, and provide managed services thereafter.

Experts available 24/7

Experts available 24x7x256

Dispense with handling cubersome IT infrastructure.


Local Data centres across asia

Local Data Centres across Asia

Acclivis Commercial Cloud offers you the largest network that spans across Asia. With local data centres across the regions, it enables you to spin up and easily scale a low latency, high performance infrastructure to serve your customers.

Local Data centres across asia

We speak your language

In Acclivis, we believe that communicating with our customers in their native language would improve customer service experience. With sales and technical support dedicated locally across 4 countries, we deliver multi-lingual customer service giving you optimal support in every way!

Local Data centres across asia

Acclivis CDN brings your data closer to your customers

Acclivis Content Delivery Network (CDN) improve your loading speed and performance of your online site. No matter how much traffic your site gets, CDN equips it with maximum level of performance to reduce lagging and timeouts, thereby increasing your online user satisfaction.

Local Data centres across asia

Quick deployment and minimal downtime

As soon as you submit your order, a dedicated sales person will contact you within 24 hours. Once order is confirmed, we will spin up your infrastructure in the desired location. We ensure an SLA of 99.999% to keep your infrastructure up and running in tandem with your business.





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